*** This is not new footage *** This is a crazy discounted compilation/package deal on two un-edited full length belly stuffing clips, and features Ashylnn and Stacy stuffing their sexy bellies to maximum capacity with tons of spicy tacos! It’s almost a full hour of footage but you only pay for 21 minutes of it!! Here are the original descriptions for both of the clips you get with this package deal:Stacy is a skinny girl, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a healthy appetite….this girl can eat! She has a whole big take out bag full of tacos, and a whole jar of big pickles, and an extra large soda. She starts off with a nice little flat hungry tummy, and starts eating like a pig. She dumps a bunch of hot sauce onto each soft taco before rolling it up and shoving it into her mouth. She takes big huge bites, and she looks like a chipmunk when she’s chewing with her mouth all stuffed full of food, and her cheeks puffed out from all the food! She eats big juicy dill pickles in between tacos…taking big juicy bites of them and chewing with her mouth open a little sometimes. She lets out a couple of fantastic big huge bassy belches while she’s eating…she’s such a pig! She eats more than you would think she’d be able to, being as skinny as she is, and you can literally watch her belly grow bigger and bigger with each soft taco and big pickle that she stuffs into it. By the time she finishes eating, her belly is so stuffed and bloated and huge, it seriously looks like it could burst wide open if she moves the wrong way. She’s going to regret this….she’s already getting heartburn from the hot sauce.  Ashlynn has been dying to do her first overeating video. She eats like a trucker, and she really wanted to eat a dozen of something for her first video. She loves mexican food, so she got a 12 pack of crunchy tacos. She ate a huge meal right before bed last night to stretch out her stomach and open up her appetite even more for her feast today! She slathers hot sauce on the tacos, and starts devouring them one by one. They are stuffed full of lots of meat, and after just a few you can already see her belly starting to get bigger. She pigs out on taco after taco, seemingly a bottomless pit! After about 7 or 8 tacos, she starts to slow down a little bit and you can tell she is starting to feel very full. Her belly is much more swollen now, and has gone from being completely flat to bulging way over her jean shorts. She has to unbutton and unzip her shorts to make a little more room, and then she keeps eating more tacos. When she unbuttons her shorts, you can see all the weight in her full belly shift downward, creating a big sexy rounded bulge. She drinks a lot of water with each taco, so she is getting extra bloated from all the liquid too. She washes the last few tacos down with soda, making her belly expand even more. By the time she is done eating, she is physically unable to swallow one more bite, she is that full. She shows off her enormous stuffed belly for you, and rubs it. Even with her shorts unbuttoned and unzipped it is bulging way out and spilling over her shorts. She tries to button them back up but she can’t. She’s going to have a hell of a stomach ache, but it was worth every bite!